Samsung Huron Windows Phone 8.1 specifications leaked?

samsung-windows-phone-8-1-huronSamsung will still be making Windows Phones, if the previously leaked press image of its first Windows Phone 8.1 device is to be believed. Codenamed “Huron”, the Samsung made Windows Phone will be a sequel to the ATIV S that coincided with the launch of WP8, the big reboot to Microsoft’s fast growing platform. But Samsung hasn’t announced any device since, so at this moment, this leak comes more as a surprise than the usual expected ones. Curiously though, the render, leaked by evleaks, shows off a device that looks exactly like the ATIV or a Galaxy, but misses the camera button on the side, which used to be mandatory for Windows Phone. And of course, the screen is “off” so we are not able to get a glimpse of Windows Phone 8.1 either, which evleaks claims the phone is running on. But there are more details.

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