Bada App Roundup : Home Remedies and My Yoga

Samsung announced Wave 2  last October and officially launched it in India this January. This phone runs on Samsung’s proprietary Bada OS. Here are two useful and unique Bada apps, Home Remedies and My Yoga from the Samsung App store, that crossed 100 million app downloads in the first 10 months and also rolling out operators based billing in 11 countries.
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Samsung to Release Phone with Bada OS Soon!


Samsung had earlier announced their Bada OS which we reported on. The new Bada OS is expected to be Samsung’s first choice and is expected to replace the Windows Mobile and Symbian OSes that Samsung mobiles currently use. Continue reading “Samsung to Release Phone with Bada OS Soon!”

Samsung badaOS


Samsung have announced the badaOS for their mobile phones. It will be a replacement to the Windows Mobile and Symbian platforms. The name “bada” is derived from a Korean word signifying “ocean”. The name was chosen as it represents the endless possibilities with the OS.

Samsung bada is a new open platform that enables a richer user experience in applications on Samsung mobile devices.

Right now no further information on the platform is available. Sasmung only gives us a sneak peek and slight info at an official site.

The official announcement should be in December when Samsung will officially launch the OS along with the SDK.

Here’s the link to the official site