Share photos 100 times the speed of MMS with the Knocking iPhone App


iPhone apps are so much fun to use !  There is always something interesting about the new apps on the Apple app Store. I just spotted an app which makes sending a photo as a MMS over AT&T pointless.  The Kocking iPhone app developed by Pointy Heads Software in USA redefines photo sharing on the iPhone.

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AT&T slowly rolling out MMS to its customers. 2 weeks earlier

Good news for our US iPhone readers. AT&T are slowly rolling out MMS for it’s customers. That’s 2 whole weeks ahead of the announced 25th September day. MMS support should be available slowly for all their customers, since at the moment, very few people have reported that their MMS has been activated.



AT&T Finally To Launch MMS for iPhone On September 25

AT&T has finally announced that, on September 25, it is going to roll out a software update which is going to add the required support for sending and receiving MMS messages for all its iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS customers.

One of the major qualm of iPhone customers was the lack of MMS support from the AT&T side although iPhone had added the MMS support in its 3.0 Software Upgrade.

AT&T has stated that the projected high data usage of the iPhone’s multimedia capabilities was one of the main reason behind the delay in the rollout of MMS Support for all the iPhone 3G and 3GS Customers. You can read the complete AT& T’s company statement here.

Now that AT&T is rolling out MMS Support for iPhone 3G and 3GS customers, I wonder how long will it take for Vodafone to roll out the same thing in India. What do you say? Do Pass on your comments.