Rumour: LG’s upcoming ‘Nemo’ Android Wear could be first Nexus smartwatch?


LG is reportedly working on a new Android Wear smartwatch that will offer the best resolution in a smartwatch till date. The watch is said to be codenamed ‘Nemo’, and is also rumored to end up being the first Nexus smartwatch too. Continue reading “Rumour: LG’s upcoming ‘Nemo’ Android Wear could be first Nexus smartwatch?”

LG is bringing WebOS to Smartwatches


Looks like LG let slip a few tidbits about an entirely new thing we weren’t even aware of. The Korean giant, which bought the beleaguered WebOS from Hewlett Packard, to later introduce them in its TVs, is now bringing it to Smartwatches. This has been revealed on LG’s own website, according to the Verge, which posted the screenshot above and two others, explaining the company’s new initiative. The picture above has the familiar WebOS bean bird that was used as a mascot for WebOS’ TV experience, but here it is carrying a watch, which obviously points to Smartwatches.

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