Apple Acknowledges Do Not Disturb Bug

Earlier this week, MacRumors reported that some users discovered the scheduling portion of “Do Not Disturb” feature in iOS 6 feature fail to work after New Year’s Eve. The feature would turn itself on as scheduled, but would not turn itself off automatically. Now, Apple has acknowledged the bug in a support article and says that Do Not Disturb scheduling will begin working properly again after January 7, 2013.


After January 1st, 2013, Do Not Disturb mode stays on past its scheduled end time.


Do Not Disturb scheduling feature will resume normal functionality after January 7, 2013. Before this date, you should manually turn the Do Not Disturb feature on or off.

To turn off the scheduling feature, tap Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb and switch Scheduled to Off.


Apple Airs “Do Not Disturb” ad

Apple released a new television ad featuring iOS 6’s “Do Not Disturb” feature. Professional tennis players Serena and Venus Williams are shown playing ping-pong against the narrator in a dream:


Ever had a really cool dream? I’m having one right now. I don’t want to be disturbed. And I won’t because before I went to sleep, I set this. Now my iPhone knows not to ring unless its important. Cause disturbing this would just be… Wrong.

Apple Releases iOS 6.0.2 Software Update

Apple has released iOS 6.0.2 for iPhone 5 and iPad mini. The release notes for the iPhone note only that an unnamed Wi-Fi bug has been fixed.

iOS 6.0.2 Software Update

This update contains improvements and bug fixes, including:

• Fixes a bug that could impact Wi-Fi

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

The update can be downloaded via Software Update in Settings or via iTunes.

Apple Seeds iOS 6.1 Beta 4 to Developers

Today, Apple has released the fourth beta of iOS 6.1 to developers. The release has a build number of 10B5126b. In addition, Apple has released beta 3 of the Apple TV and Xcode 4.6 Developer Preview 4.

Registered developers can download the betas via Apple’s Developer page or via Software Update on iOS devices with a previous iOS 6.1 Beta already installed.

Nokia to Launch Free Maps App for iOS

Today, Nokia announced that it will release a new mapping service called “Here” to Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The HTML5 based maps will offer offline capabilities, voice guided walk navigation, and public transportation directions. Nokia said that Here will be made available for download via the iOS App Store in the coming weeks.

“People want great maps, and with Here we can bring together Nokia’s location offering to deliver people a better way to explore, discover and share their world,” said Nokia President and CEO Stephen Elop. “Additionally, with HERE we can extend our 20 years of location expertise to new devices and operating systems that reach beyond Nokia. As a result, we believe that more people benefit from and contribute to our leading mapping and location service.”

This new mapping service will also be made available on its own hardware that runs Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS. In addition, Here will also be made available on Google’s Android and Mozilla’s Firefox OS.

Apple Testing iOS 6.0.1

According to BGR, Apple has begun carrier testing of iOS 6.0.1, which is the first bug update to iOS 6 since its release just over a month ago. The report also says that iOS 6.0.1 fixes several issues including a visual bug most commonly  seen on the iPhone keyboard when entering an account password in the App Store.

iOS 6.0.1 should fix the horizontal lines bug on the screen when the keyboard or app folder is open, and it will also fix a problem with the camera’s flash not going off.

In addition, the new software will improve Wi-Fi support, fix cellular data not working in some cases, add a consolidated cellular data switch for iTunes Match, fix a bug that allowed access to Passbook pass details from the lock screen, and also finally fix the bug that caused Exchange meetings to be unexpectedly cancelled for the entire calendar invite group.

Apple is also reportedly has just begun testing iOS 6.1, which would suggest that the update will not likely be released in time for any of the new hardware launches over the coming weeks. It is also unclear what changes are included in iOS 6.1.


Google Maps for iOS in Alpha Testing

In iOS 6, Apple decided to replace the Google Maps app in iOS with its own in-house solution. This decision of Apple’s brought a lot of criticism and Apple even made an apology to its customers. Since then, it has been rumored that Google has been working on releasing their own standalone version of Google Maps.

Today, App Map [iTunes Link] developer Ben Guild has posted some early details and partial screenshots from Google’s upcoming Maps application for iOS.

Guild reports that the standalone version of Google Maps for iOS is reportedly in alpha testing, but will offer some promising improvements over the old Google Maps. The report also says that the new Google Maps is vector based, has two-finger rotation to any angle, is “super fast” and supports the taller iPhone 5 screen. No word on availability has been made yet, but an early report claimed that Google may be targeting release by Christmas of this year. Meanwhile, Apple has been making improvements to their own Maps over time.


iOS 6 starts rolling out for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Apple has released the iOS 6 for the public for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, the new iPad, iPad 2 and iPod Touch (fourth generation). Apple announced the iOS 6 at WWDC 2012 in June that brings 200 new features including Apple-designed Maps app with turn-by-turn navigation, new Siri improvements, Facebook integration, Shared Photo Streams, Passbook app and more.
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iOS 6 coming this fall with new Maps, Facebook integration and lots more new features

Apple has unveiled iOS 6 with new features such as new Maps app with turn-by-turn navigation, new Flyover view; new Siri features, Facebook integration for Contacts and Calendar, Passbook app to get all your passes in one place and more new features. Continue reading “iOS 6 coming this fall with new Maps, Facebook integration and lots more new features”