HTC One (M8) Duo Camera: Explained


HTC has finally revealed its most awaited flagship phone, the One (M8), at an event in New York today. The flagship phone takes on a countless number of other Android flagship devices with an upgraded design and internals, bringing it up to speed, literally. The new One improves upon the older one in a lot of ways, and one of them is by innovating(again) on the camera side. The original One had the industry’s first Ultrapixel sensor, a 4.1 MP camera with pixels sized at 2 microns, which is back on the new HTC One (M8) but it is also accompanied by a secondary camera. While the Ultrapixel is all about gathering more light, this curious little camera that sits above the main unit enables a whole lot of enhancements that HTC proudly portrayed at their event. So what is this “Duo Camera” all about, and how does it really work? Let’s find out.

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