Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro Review

Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro -1

Mobile gaming as a category has already surpassed portable consoles by far. We’ve reached a point where the smartphone gaming market is competing head-on with dedicated consoles. So far, the biggest inhibiting factor has been experience or the lack thereof. The touchscreen gaming experience pales in front of dedicated consoles and their full blown controllers. Video game controllers have been available for ages to fix this but are usually expensive, clunky or a combination of the two. Amkette is trying to change this with the Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro. Continue reading “Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro Review”

Nexus Player Gamepad lands on Google Play Store for $39.99

Google announced the Nexus Player Android TV two weeks back along with the Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Android 5.0 Lollipop. Today, the Gamepad for the Nexus Player has landed on the Google Play Store.

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Samsung GamePad Hands on

Today, Samsung announced the successor to Samsung Galaxy Grand and also unveiled their GamePad in India. Recently we brought you information that Samsung’s GamePad went on sale in Europe and today we will be bringing you the hands-on pictures with the Samsung GamePad. Samsung has announced that the GamePad will be available in India from January 2014 and will be priced at Rs. 4,999.

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Samsung GamePad coming to India in January

Recently we brought you information that Samsung’s GamePad went on sale in Europe. Today, during the launch of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, Samsung have also announced that the Smartphone GamePad will go on sale in India from the end of January in 2014. The pricing of this GamePad was mentioned as Rs. 4,999.

Samsung Smartphone Gamepad

Samsung’s Smartphone GamePad will allow owners of Galaxy smartphone to instantly transform their smartphone into a handheld console or a gaming console by pairing the smartphone to a display. Unlike Samsung smartphones,  the Smartphone GamePad is carved out of a metal frame making it easy to hold on to and at the same time, giving it a premium look. The smartphone GamePad will connect with the smartphone via Bluetooth pairing and on optimized Android 4.3 devices like Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Note 2 and Note 3, pairing can be done via NFC tags.

Samsung Smartphone GamePad will be compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S3 and many others. The device will be compatible with Samsung’s PLAY application that will let you manage the controller. By pressing the Play button on the controller, you can easily access the market for games which are optimized for GamePad.


Samsung launches Smartphone GamePad and Mobile Console Application

Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, has launched a new Smartphone GamePad for the ever growing market of handheld gaming. In addition to the Smartphone GamePad hardware device, Samsung has also launched a mobile console application which makes it convenient to use the GamePad.

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