iPhone 5 dock cable with smaller connector spotted

There have been strong indications that Apple is moving to a smaller dock connector on the next iPhone. Alongside various leaks showing parts of the phone, we now have a photograph of what is believed to be the USB cable of the next generation device. The USB cable comes with said smaller dock connector.

The photograph was leaked by a Chinese accessory vendor , Veistar and looks pretty official to us. The connector seems to be in line with all current rumors involving a 9pin design and a dual sided  plug allowing you to stick in the cable from any side. Improvements made in the design would allow the cable to act more like Magsafe on Apple’s laptops. Apple is expected to announce the next gen iPhone on 12th September. We’re expecting a device with a larger screen, the new connector and a host of other improvements and additions.

[Via – @veistercom]


Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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