The definitive Blackberry Playbook accessories roundup

The Blackberry Playbook is one of the most interesting tablets currently in the market. Running on QNX and offering arguably what is the best web browser and the example of gesture based navigation on a mobile OS , the 7″ tablet never really caught on.

However thanks to the recent fire sale a lot more users have got their hands on the tablet which is being given an app boost by the ability to install Android apps. We take a look at some of the must have accessories for the Blackberry Playbook.

1. Martin Fields Screen Protector

First and foremost is the Martin Fields Screen Protector which is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry. The Playbook is a fingerprint magnet like any other modern gadget but is also a bit prone to scratching in our experience.

We’ve previously reviewed the Martin Fields line of screen protectors and have found them to offer great clarity and be fairly easy to install. They offer good scratch resistance and include UV filters to reduce eye strain. The Martin Fields screen protector is precision cut to the exact dimensions of the Playbook ensuring a perfect fit. It is also reusable and washable making it a rather amazing product. You can find the screen protector here alongside a full range of Playbook accessories.

2. Flexishield Skin

One of the cheapest accessories available for the Playbook , the Flexishield Skin remains a popular one due to its durability. Made from a unique gel which is flexible yet tough to provide great protection , it has a textured grip to make sure it doesn’t slip out from your hands.

The Flexishield comes with cutouts for all the ports and the camera. The top media controls are covered by a textured material making it easier to press. Only caveat of the skin is that it cannot be used with the rapidcharging dock.

The Flexishield Skin can be purchased online from here and it is also available in pink.

3. Blackberry Playbook Rapid Charging Pod

This particular accessory is a favorite of mine due to the convenience it offers. The Blackberry Rapid Charging Pod offers as the name suggests , quick charging at up to twice the rate of the standard charger.

Another benefit of using the Rapid Charging Pod is that it lets you place the tablet at a very comfortable angle while charging making it easy to interact with the tablet. You can also use specific apps like Total Alarm Clock for the Playbook to use it as a desktop alarm clock if you so wish. The dock comes with a textured fabric base which ensures that it will not slip around on the desk.

The only problem we’ve faced with the dock is that it does not work with any case that we’ve tried. So if you are using a case like the Flexishield mentioned above , you will have to remove it while using the dock. Hopefully RIM will correct this in future revisions of the dock. The Blackberry Rapid Charging Pod is available around the internet for about £34.95. We recommend buying from MobileFun which now also stocks a range of iPad 3 accessories.

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

Your friendly neighborhood techie. Currently using a Pixel 2 XL. Catch him on Twitter (@DhruvBhutani) / Facebook .