Exclusive : JioLink CPE Device for Jio 4G Photos


Yesterday , we had reported about the JioLink Indoor WiFi solution for Reliance Jio. Today we have exclusive photos of the JioLink CPE device which will soon be available in several cities where Jio 4G service is available. As you can see, the Jio branding is evident on the front and the special microSIM card provisioned for JioLink needs to be used on this device. Continue reading “Exclusive : JioLink CPE Device for Jio 4G Photos”

Google introduces try and buy program for potential Google Glass buyers

Last week Google launched a limited period sale offer for Explorer edition of Google Glass in the US. Today, the company is debuting a home try on kit program for the Glass to its potential buyers. This is a great opportunity for users who are skeptical about spending $1500 for the device.

Continue reading “Google introduces try and buy program for potential Google Glass buyers”

BlackBerry OS 10 developer device unveiled at BlackBerry World

BlackBerry CEO Heins just unveiled the BlackBerry OS 10 based device which will be handed over to developers at the ongoing BlackBerry World conference in Orlando , Florida. While exact specifications are still missing , the highlight has got to be the gorgeous display on the slab.

The 4.2″ display packs in an amazing 1280×768 resolution panel which is above and beyond most other 720p panels out there. The internals include 16GB of storage and 1GB of RAM.

We’ll update this as soon as we get more information about the device. You can check out our live coverage from the event by clicking here