Microsoft introduces Slack competitor – Microsoft Teams


Microsoft has launched its Slack competitor – Microsoft Teams following reports last month. Aimed at businesses, Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that allows team members to chat with each other and take advantage of new tools and features.

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Microsoft rolls out Stream video sharing service for businesses


Microsoft has launched Stream, a new business video service aimed at businesses. The service will help people upload, access and share videos with their co-workers.

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Intel Compute Stick for Business Travelers

intel_compute_stick_portable_pc (1)

As computers become a commodity, there’s a full range of fresh use cases that have started emerging. One of the most interesting devices to have emerged lately is the Intel® compute stick. Clarke’s law*** suggests that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Just like the original flash drives or pen drives appeared to be a miraculous alternative to CDs, the compute stick too appears to be the harbinger of a computing revolution.

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