Samsung Solid Extreme B2100 gets Tortured by Girl in Video

You must have heard about the Samsung Marine the robust outdoor phone from Samsung and it is sold as the Solid Extreme B2100 in the UK.

The folks at have posted a funny video in which a Girl does a torture test of this phone by dropping it into water and throwing it on the ground.

Does the phone survive the test ? Watch the video to find out

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Samsung Marine B2100 outdoor mobile phone

Leading mobile phone manufacturer Samsung has launched its latest outdoor mobile phone Samsung Marine-B2100 in India which could withstand any environmental conditions.This phone suits for mountaineers, mariners, trekkers and to all those who enjoy outdoor activities. Having the capacity of eliminating bumps, bangs and scrapes, the mobile is provided with water-resistant, dust-proof and shock-proof through the shock urethane material case.


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