K7 Ultimate Security – World Class Anti-Virus Software Made in India

With a lot of us working from home and internet usage skyrocketing, there is a steep rise in cyberattacks especially with respect to malware and ransomware. While the whole world is fighting an unknown virus on the health front, cybersecurity researchers and security companies worldwide are spending an increasing amount of time safeguarding digital infrastructure worldwide which is facing an unprecedented amount of cyberattacks from bad actors.

A small company based in Chennai, India K7 Computing founded by Jayaraman “Keseven” Kesavardhanan, very often confused with Moscow based Kaspersky has been developing an IT security solution since 1991.

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AVG Anti-Virus Android app review

With Android being affected by various malwares these days, it is necessary to have an Anti-Virus application installed on your device to protect the device from these malwares and also for the security for your Android smartphone or tablet. When I was searching for an app to secure my phone from these malwares I came across AVG Anti-Virus which had loads of features in it’s free version including remote location of your device.

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