Google Android Market to allow paid apps in India in 2 weeks


Google Android is certainly growing at a rapid pace and the Android Market does offer both free and paid apps.Till now you couldn’t purchase paid apps if you are using an Android device in India, but this soon going to change.

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Paid Android apps coming to more countries

Currently the Android paid apps are available in the following countries, and folks in other parts of the world who are using Android are missing it too much, because some of the paid apps are very awesome. Now, Google has announced that they will bring the paid apps to Continue reading “Paid Android apps coming to more countries”

Android Market got more than 80,000 apps

Android Market is growing up faster then everyone’s imaginations. Android was launched in 2008 with 50 apps, and after 2 years there are more than 80,000 apps in Android Market, you heard it right. Android Market just crossed 80K mark, and in a few months, it will be above 100k. Continue reading “Android Market got more than 80,000 apps”

Time Magazine hits Android market

Time Magazine is known as the one of the famous magazines in the world. It is one of the most read magazines in the world, and it’s always first choice in magazines. The Time Magazine app is already available on iOS, but not on Android OS. When Time saw some potential in Android OS, then they finally launched the Time Magazine app for Android. The Time Magazine app features:

  • Mark sections as favorites
  • Create home screen widget
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Download articles to read offline or save them to read a later date
  • Search through TIME database

You can download the application by scanning the QR Code after the break:

And if you are browsing from your mobile, then follow this link.

Some of the best Android apps

Surfing internet is one of my favorite habit, and searching about something good is also. When I finally find something after searching a lot, and it’s very useful for everyone, then sharing it is my responsibility. Applications, without applications your mobile phone is empty, I am an Android user and I love downloading apps (who don’t love it?), I want all the best apps in my phone, so I can enjoy the experience all the time. Continue reading “Some of the best Android apps”

Android Market now live in Korea

Today is a very big day for people who are enjoying their life with Android devices over in Republic of Korea, because the Android Market is now live in Korea, and now you have access to all Android apps in the market. Korean market is really huge, and it’s the home of the one of the well known mobile phones maker, Samsung. Samsung has sold more than 300,000 Samsung Galaxy S in Korea, and they also sold 1 million Samsung Wave all over the World. Continue reading “Android Market now live in Korea”