Wolfram|Alpha App for Android

Ever imagine an application which can solve your math problems, or can answer your questions? You may know about the Wolfram|Alpha, a computational knowledge search engine that gives concrete answers to factual questions. Wolfram|Alpha has launched a new Android application with the launch of T-Mobile G2, and it’s known as the Wolfram|Alpha App for Android, and it’s already available on iPhone and iPad. The application is capable for the devices running Android 1.6 and above.

Let me introduce the application. Wolfram|Alpha App for Android comes with a lot of info, and you have all this info in one app.  The app is really good for you if you love digging up new stuff or you love reading history, or anything you want which can increase your knowledge. You can solve any type of mathematical problems in few second with the help of this app. I can only say that this app is amazing, and it worth a try. If you are planning to buy one, then you can get one for $1.99 by scanning the bar code after the break.