Nokia peps up the 6300 with Wi-Fi calls it 6300i

The Nokia 6300i is out !  Its an upgraded version of the 6300

nokia 6300iThe main features are the presence of Wi-fi and VoIP

The Nokia 6300i allows up to two thousand VoIP-, home-, and mobile numbers to be listed side-by-side and dedicated WLAN and VoIP symbols show the connection status and type of phone call, whether it is using GSM network or VoIP.

Its slim at 12mm and looks like a Nokia phone on a diet ( Battery life woes ?) It promises abt 3.5 hours of talk time Continue reading “Nokia peps up the 6300 with Wi-Fi calls it 6300i”

Nokia new phones emerge

Nokia new phones have surfaced in the Nokia service software document v2007.44.3.30990 Phoenix, 19.12.2007. I found this on the site, it was in German so translated it for you. According to this site Nokia will be coming up with Nokia 6300i a 6650 6690 7070 and 7070b. I think 6300i will be higher version of Nokia’s popular slim phone 6300; 6690 will be of 6680; 7070 might be Nokia’s new version of 7710, the touch screen phone of Nokia which failed miserably. The images are not available yet but, the article was written by the administrator of, which I think, is a clear indication that this is not some kind of rumor.