Leaked LG wearable envisions a colourful alternate way to carry a stylus


LG might be working on the Google Smartwatch for all we know, but it seems like they are trying their hand at some other wearable products as well. evleaks has posted the image above, which looks to have a colourful wearable capacitive stylus that can bend. While we have no exact details for this product, it does look like an accessory at best, for the phone as well as for us. At a glance, it will look like a wrist band, but the next moment you can whip it out and start taking notes on your large screen phone. The tip of the stylus reminds us that this is definitely of the capacitive type, which means that it can work for a product like, lets say, the iPad too.

Coloured in bright orange, red and green, this wearable accessory aims to solve the one long standing pain factor for styluses that don’t come with the phone – a carrying slot. With a wrist strap like setup, the pen, which can turn into a rigid stick when made straight, can curl up on your wrist, just like the toy ones we used as a kid. While the implementation or the use of this looks silly, we just hope the pricing is low enough for the accessory to actually be useful enough. If it works well enough on the iPad, this can take off, but the “for LG Mobile” name tag is discouraging. More on this when we find more information on this product.

Source evleaks

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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