Nokia opens one more design studio in Rio

Design has always been a priority for Nokia and that can be clearly seen in devices like the N95, N96, N-Gage. Like Design, Emerging Economies are becoming prominent on the Nokia radar. In Sync with this the Finnish Giant has opened a satellite design studio in the samba capital of the world, Rio de Janeiro.

Before this only Bangalore had a design studio. The design studio in Rio will focus on a range of research projects and explore cultural, social and design influences across Brazil. Nokia designers from around the world will visit the studio to take part in the research and work directly with the students.
The only focus of designers in these studios is to work together with country specific designers and leading design schools and get acquainted with local cultures and influences that inspire new design ideas. Nokia also wants local students to work with their Global Design Team. With all the BRIC countries shining on its Radar, Nokia doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to get close to its most profitable customers.

Author: Team FoneArena

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