Xolo Q900 Unboxing

Launched at a pocket friendly price of Rs 12,999 MRP, Xolo Q900 offers a bunch of regular android phone features powered by a 1.2 Ghz quad-core processor. Here is the unboxing of the phone.

The Xolo Q900 is wrapped in a basic white box with the key features highlighted on the backside- like a 1.2 Ghz quad core processor, 4.7 inches of screen and battery strength i.e. 1800 mAh.

A slide out tray holds the phone set.

Xolo Q900 unboxing-16

First impression – phone is bulky and thick. It is a bit heavy, with the battery loaded in it.

Xolo Q900 unboxing-8


Xolo Q900 unboxing-7

The body is covered in a glossy polycarbonate material. USB slot and audio jack placed on top. The phone as you can see, is rather thick at 137 x 70 x 9.9mm dimensions.

Xolo Q900 unboxing-14

Xolo Q900 unboxing-10

Volume rocker hard key and power key sit on the sides.

Xolo Q900 unboxing-11

The accessories in Xolo Q900 box are better than I expected for a phone priced at Rupees 12,999/- .

Xolo Q900 unboxing-4

In the phone box, right below the phone set is a screen wiper and an extra screen protection plastic.

Xolo Q900 unboxing-3

The headsets have the slanted earpods and seem more comfortable to use than regular earpods. White headsets to accompany a white phone.

Xolo Q900 unboxing-2

There is a USB connector, a 1800mAh lithium polymer removable battery, two booklets, one is a user guide. The charging plug is in another section of the box. All accessories are white in colour to match the phone shade.

Xolo Q900 unboxing-4

Rare camera is 8MP one LED flash and with BSI sensor that allows better pics in less light.

Xolo Q900 unboxing-13

The back side of the phone is easy to remove and what do we see here.. two sim slots and a micro SD slot. Xolo Q900 has 4 Gb inbuilt memory and 1 Gb ram.

Xolo Q900 unboxing-5

Xolo Q900 unboxing-6

Screen is 4.7 inch diagonally with 1280 X 720 pixels.

Xolo Q900 unboxing-15

There is a 2 MP camera, in front. Xolo Q900 uses a mediatek MTK 6589 chip. The operating system is Android 4.2.

Xolo Q900 unboxing-14


We will bring you the benchmarks, gameplay videos and the complete review of the phone in a week.

Images were taken with a Nikon 3100D DSLR camera 1/200 and F=7.6 and the camera was set on auto focus.

Author: Shilpa

Shilpa Dhamija is Head, Special Projects at FoneArena. She is currently using Huawei P9 and Samsung A7. Her favourite OS is the Android OS. She has formerly worked as the Producer of show Cell Guru on NDTV. Follow her on Google+