Samsung Galaxy S4 S Charger Wireless Charging Cover Unboxing and Demo


The Samsung Galaxy S4 might have released months ago but if there’s one accessory that has evaded us since launch is the Wireless Charger case. Called the Galaxy S4 S Charger cover, the wireless shell adds the Qi wireless charging functionality. It might not be as widespread in terms of usage, but Samsung always offers choices, and the S Charger Cover is for those who want to add extra functionality on their S4. We have got it with us now, and we did a quick unboxing and demo to show you how it works, watch the video –

Here are the box contents that come with the Wireless S Charger Cover.


As you might have noted from the video, we used a Nexus Wireless charger to power the S4 after installing the Wireless charging cover. The actual contacts are around the middle-top parts of the cover and the charging starts immediately when placed. Despite the size, the S4 neatly sits on the Nexus 4 wireless charger.


There are the insides of the S Charger cover and you clearly notice the contacts here.


The S Charger cover does add a slight amount of bulk but it isn’t noticeable unless compared with the normal. We noticed a bit of a weight difference too, but we’d argue it doesn’t actually change the experience.


As usual, the S Charger Cover completely replaces the original cover on the S4, making it more useful than a wrap around case. You can keep your original cover in pristine condition in case you are looking for a resale later.

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Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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