Microsoft announces refreshed accessories for new Surface tablets


Microsoft just announced the new generation Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Not only did Microsoft refresh their tablet lineup, they also announced new and updated accessories for the new generation tablets. Some of the new accessories include Touch Cover 2, Type Cover 2, Wireless Adapter for Typing covers and the Power Cover.

The new Touch Cover 2 is a big upgrade over the original Touch Cover as it comes with 1092 touch sensors as compared to just 80 in the original Touch Cover. The sheer increase in the number of the touch sensors will help the user to type more accurately and allows for a better predictive typing. The new sensors will also allow the entire keyboard to be used for touch based gesture actions. The new Touch Cover 2 is a couple of millimeters thinner than the original Touch Cover and Microsoft also managed to give it a back light, which makes typing at low light better.


Type Cover 2 has been updated in such a way that it allows for better typing, silent typing and has backlit keys. The new Type cover is thinner by a millimeter and becomes close to the first generation Touch Cover in terms of thickness. The Type Cover 2 will be available in four colors – blue, black, purple and pink.


Microsoft has also introduced Wireless Adapter for Typing Covers this year. This Bluetooth enabled wireless adapter magnetically attaches itself to a typing cover and helps the user to operate the Surface tablets from a distance. The main use of this will be to remotely control the Surface tablet during presentations or when the Surface is connected to a TV.


Among the many accessories announced today, the Power Cover was one. Power Cover is an attachable keyboard that comes along with a battery pack. The keyboard does not have fancy features, but has a battery pack underneath to extend the life of the Surface tablets. Power Cover is 5.3mm thick and will add nearly 50 percent more battery life to the Surface tablet.


Touch Cover 2 is expected to be available for USD $119.99 and will be available later this year. Type Cover 2 is priced at USD $129.99 and also will be available later this year. The Wireless Adapter for Typing Covers is priced at USD $59.99 while the Power Cover is priced at USD $199.99 and both the accessories are expected to be available from early 2014. All the accessories are expected to be available for pre-order on September 24th.

Author: Monish Kumar

Monish is passionate about smartphones who is also interested in User Experience and Design. He is currently using Samsung Galaxy S3. You can follow him on Twitter and Google+