What’s launching at IFA 2013?


The world’s leading technology experts are converging on the place to be i.e Berlin in the lead up to the start of IFA 2013. One of the world’s oldest technology expos, it is increasingly becoming the most important as well. Our very own team is right now making its way from across the globe to bring you hands on details and insight from the showfloor. So here’s a collection of all the information and rumors floating around in a handy little list which should serve well to whet your appetite. As always, you can count on us for the latest and greatest on all things IFA. Here’s the list of things to expect from IFA, Berlin, September 4-11, 2013.

1. Samsung

First up is Samsung, the current big daddy of all things mobile, the Korean manufacturer is guaranteed to introduce the next generation Note. The Note 3 is expected to sport absolutely miniscule bezels, powerful internals and an even larger 5.7″ Full HD display in a package that will be about the same.

Next up, it is believed that a 12inch Note class device will launch at the event. Expect a tablet akin to the Note 10.1 just.. larger.

Last and perhaps the most interesting device out of Samsung will be its entry into the smart watch category. We’ve seen a fair bit of details leak out and the watch is expected to have a 3inch display. A 4MP camera should also be built into the strap alongside speakers. We’re definitely looking forward to getting our ‘wrist-on’ with this one.

2. Sony

The other biggie will be Sony. We recently reviewed the Xperia Z Ultra and if that’s anything to go by then the Z1 is going to be quite an interesting device. Sony is focusing a lot on bringing its imaging credentials to the forefront on this device and has bestowed the phone with a 20MP camera sensor with a G lens. Or at least that’s what the rumors say so far. Internally you can expect a Snapdragon 800 processor crammed into a device that has a 5inch Full HD display.

Sony will also have a line up of ‘Smart Shot’ lenses which is an entirely new product category. The lenses will essentially be all encompassing units that can snap on to the back of your (Sony?) smartphone and then pair with it to offer enhanced imaging capabilities. Quite an interesting premise but we’ve yet to see if the execution will be any good.

3. We’re still not sure if HTC will be showing off the One Max at IFA but given the recent spate of leaks, we reckon that a reveal is due. A larger HTC One, the USP will be its fingerprint scanner placed below the rear camera. It’ll also be packing a Snapdragon 800 processor making it that much more powerful than the One.

4. Acer has already announced the Liquid S2 which is being dubbed as the world’s first phone that record 4K video. We’ll hopefully be able to test out that claim over at the event.

5. Panasonic has been teasing its new 20″ 4k tablet ahead of IFA. Will large screen tablet devices ever become anything more than a niche? We’ll be there to test out the device and to see if it stands a chance.

That’s all for the list of the most interesting things to expect out of IFA. Do remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest hands on videos from the event and keep checking the blog regularly for all the updates. Stay tuned for more!

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Bharadwaj contributed to this report.

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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