Sony Ericsson Using SMS for Customer Feedback

Mobile handset users today are treated as God by the mobile handset manufacturing companies. Even if the customer says something with respect to the mobile it can of great importance to the manufacturer. Mobiles like other products get damaged and people get them repaired from the company certified repair centers. There are many instances where a mobile stops functioning after its first trip to the repair center and nobody seems to care about the plight of the customer. But, it seems one company is giving out signals that they care about the customer even after the product is sold; Sony Ericsson has started a SMS based feedback system, Acquire using a SMS based platform from Broca, for customers who get their phones back from the repair center. This system is a set of simple questions, which the customer will receive in the form of a SMS, he/she just needs to feed in the details and send it back. Acquire does not need GPRS or WAP it depends only on SMS communication. Sony Ericsson is launching this service with T-Mobile in UK and will be doing it on its own in Sweden. I am sure that, this service will definitely be a hit among Sony Ericsson users. If the questions are short, to the point, anybody will be willing to answer them. This is really some good stuff by Sony Ericsson, will make it stand out from others.

Author: Team FoneArena

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