Nokia’s vision: Music, Ovi and concern for the environment

At the Annual Nokia World conference held on 4th December, 2007 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Nokia outlined its vision and plans for the mobile industry.

The company claimed to be committed to Internet evolution and environmental sustainability by consistently and steadfastly innovating products towards fulfilment of its vision.
The mobile industry is witnessing a rapid change driven by the convergence of mobility and the internet, and the need for the industry to make an increasing contribution to environmental sustainability.

“Comes With Music”

Listen to world class music and keep it stored in your hard drive.


Nokia unveiled Comes With Music, a radical program that enables people to buy a Nokia handset with a year of unlimited access to millions of tracks from a range of great artists – past, present and future. Once the year is complete, customers can keep all their music without having to worry about it disappearing when their subscription is over.

As a music buff you get all you have ever wanted, and you get to keep it in the form of unlimited downloads to your mobile device and PC. The program will be launched with Universal Music Group International, and Nokia is in discussion with other major international music labels.

Ovi – Open the ‘door’ to social networking through your handset


Ovi, ‘door’ in Finnish will enable consumers to easily access their existing social network and content. The Ovi will function as common user interface between all networking websites from mobiles, PC and web environments. The Ovi environment and services will be formally rolled out in 2008.


Nokia has been a forerunner in addressing environmental issues and has spear headed several initiatives to cut down energy consumption, packaging material, wastage etc.

Nokia Evlove_1.jpg

The launch of Nokia 3110 Evolve was another step in that direction. Read our Nokia 3110 Evolve post