Nokia N97 Review – SearchforN Winner talks about his new toy

Meet Varun Goyal from New Delhi who has won a Nokia N97 in the Search for N Contest on FoneArena.


How does the N97 suit your lifestyle and needs?

Ya I agree it’s a sheer beauty and anyone can fall in love with it if user looks at the features and ease of use. I can stay connected whole day and keep myself updated in all the areas like sports, news, social networking etc.

Features that you really admire on the N97

1.    Pictures from Nokia N97 are clear like anything.
2.    Video recording for 90 mins works great
3.  Gmail , NDTV , India today widgets work flawless on this phone
4. Net connects as fast as Rocket (through WIFI ,) . GPRS is good too but much better as compared to my Nokia N95.
5. Support for Opera browser too and comparatively its faster than default browser
6. Photo uploading works great on this phone (photo from phone gets transfer to your web gallery (eg picassa , flikr ) in mere 30 secs .
7. Maps work flawless in this phone , but I miss a proper guidance to use MAP software .
8 . N97 has a kool feature of Over The Air Update
9 . Typing (Touchscreen) an sms on n97 is real ease and I increased my typing speed to afer using it .
10 .Holding of phone is great and i never felt I am holding something bulkier.
11. Supports flash websites decently.

12. Listening music on the aeroplane mode too was a soothing effect and never made me felt i that i should replace it with Apple IPod

1    Keyboard is really beauty but normally have a downside ergonomically when one has to press functional keys on rite side of key board (eg : 7 , 8 , 9 , * , ; , ? , etc )
2    From day one if I see the SYSTEM Status of phone it shows ( Only 6mb RAM available out of 120 mb) , if the management of RAM would have been better,  device would have worked  faster .
3    During call when loud speaker is on, its quality is worse, but when its on normal speaker it seems like talking face to face.
4    If I enlarge a webpage to get a bigger display of webpage , it looks great and now I navigate to next webpage it should also come  enlarged but its not the case it comes with default dimensions of page
5    Widgets suck battery like anything. I personally felt that and after removing all widgets and turning the update off I saw an improved battery life.
6    Radio wid RDS is I supoose searching the local frequency available but I wasn’t able to set the frequency automatically in NEW DELHI so have to set it manually like we do in all other phones.
7.    USB charging is not a success unless the PC suite is installed on your laptop/Pc. (May be the bug is fixed in upcoming firmware.)
8.    Front camera picture quality is very poor and pictures are  in small size .

Your impressions on widgets, browsing and social networking from the N97


1. FRENZO ( works great on n97.
2 .  Banking site works flawless and  I tested trying money transfer it was just a   matter of seconds.
3 Picasa , Flikr , and Facebook gives a great experience to the user.
4    Mobile PAPARAZZI is the awesome app which I found on OVI store and its like a addiction for photo sharing guys like me. You can share your photos as soon as you click them from anywhere. (But it uses gprs not wi-fi to transfer your files to to web so its  irritating if u have wi-fi access.)
5. Flash web portals work great on them, I tried (

What do you think about the N97 from a point of view computing and carrying all your data (office or personal) on the move, considering that it has got huge capacity .


1. Its really fast in operating and handles multitasking in a pretty decent way.

2 . I use Zook , Palringo , MPap(Mobile PAPARAZZI) , PixelPipe , Bambuser , Fatbookie , Blogger , Rediff Money , India Today , OVI contacts , Spore Fitnes mirror, Sulekha , HourPower , SmsPreview , Slideshow , Boingo , Bloomberg , Hi5 , AP News , WaveSecure , AccuWeather , Amzaon , Traveler , FRENZO , Qik , FRING , NDTV , CricInfo Mobicast , You Tube . All these  widgets work pretty fast and fine on N97.

3 Talking about the 32gb concept I think I will never run out of space.


1. DVD format is not supported on it as I have to first convert my DVD videos  to mp4 , mpeg4 , gp3 etc format then I can watch it on the phone , but in real I guess there is no convertor available for free , so 32gb still remains unoccupied and user miss the real fun.

Pictures, videos etc that you may like to share from a day spent with the N97:

1.    The pictures clicked from N97 are viewable at


1.    I miss the two finger enlarging for a web page  like in APPLE iphone.
2.    User guide should be available hands on to use the software.
3.    To increase the battery back up turn your Network mode to GSM  , you will experience drastic change in your battery back up.


1. Everybody talks of software update by FOTA  but it really dint work and I have to update the firmware through Pc suite .
2. I got a connector within the box so that u can make use of your old nokia chargers (thin , thick pin ) , but to my surprise it never works , can be possible I got a defected piece or it might not be tested on technical terms.
3. I always want to open but I am always redirected to as it was quoted by NOKIA that it can open any large website then why it is redirected to mobile version of . (Must be some configuration at orkut’s end but its not fair .)
5. Ovi store is a great pleasure to have as it have lot of apps which suit our lifestyle and requirements , but  as an Indian user imagine paying 1 euro (Rs 67) for a wallpaper , 3 euro (Rs 200 ) for a game , I guess it gets bit expensive on a user front.


Author: Varun Krish

Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005. His current phones include the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , Apple iPhone 6S Plus & Nexus 5X. You can follow him on Twitter @varunkrish and on Google+ You can also mail Varun Krish