Nokia N97 Review – SearchforN Winner talks about his new toy

Meet Varun Goyal from New Delhi who has won a Nokia N97 in the Search for N Contest on FoneArena.


How does the N97 suit your lifestyle and needs?

Ya I agree it’s a sheer beauty and anyone can fall in love with it if user looks at the features and ease of use. I can stay connected whole day and keep myself updated in all the areas like sports, news, social networking etc. Continue reading “Nokia N97 Review – SearchforN Winner talks about his new toy”

Search for N Contest Winners Announced

The Search for N Contest to Win a N97 has officially come to an end at 8 am today. Nokia India has picked the 2 winners from each website. The winners will be contacted by Nokia by SMS and Email. Here are the 2 two lucky winners from FoneArena.

Winner 1 Varun goyal
Winner 2 Manish Aggarwal

We would like to congratulate the winners. And to all of you who took part in the contest , a Big Thank You from the FoneArena team. It was a contest that had thousands of submissions and sadly only 2 winners.We would like to thank all of you for your support and participation.

Nokia N97 Mobile Multimedia Monster

UPDATE :Winners have been announced.

Welcome to Day 5 of Search for N to Win a Nokia N97.

Question : What’s currently the largest storage available for any Nokia ?

Please read the article and submit your answer below in the N97 phone.

Nokia is calling its phones mobile computers. Nokia N97 is certainly a mobile multimedia monster.Even a 2 year old kid called the N97 a laptop when he looked at the pictures of the phone.With over 32 GB of inbuilt memory and a microSD memory card slot, the N97 can store hours of music and videos. I am really excited about watching movies on its 16×9 inch screen.Also the tile angle of the screen seems interesting.

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The Nokia N97 QWERTY Keyboard

Welcome to Day 4 of Search for N Contest to win Nokia N97. The N97 has a revolutionary keyboard.

Today’s question : What are the first six letters in the modern day keyboard layout ? There are a lot of interesting things about the keyboard on the phone.Its got 3 rows of keys which are nicely spaced apart.The first question I asked N97 Designer, Axel Meyer was about the space bar on the QWERTY keypad.The space bar is pretty tiny and finds it place on the right side. Normally one would expect a larger spacebar and also positioned at the center. But Axel suggested that I use the keyboard for a while and see how it worked. After I used the space bar on the right, i actually found it easy to use. It seems that this new keyboard follows haptics effectively(Haptics is study of human touching behaviour)

The full QWERTY keyboard with nice backlighting

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Nokia Ovi Store – A virtual store that lets you store, share and access content

Welcome to Day 3 of Search for N to Win Nokia N97.

Today’s question :

What is a virtual store that lets you store, share and access content ? Just look for the clue in the article and enter it in the N97 phone below.

Do you know that you can now download tons of new applications to your nokia mobile phone using your mobile or PC  ?  I downloaded this star trek nokia ring tone for free for from the Ovi Store

The store was launched last month by Nokia to enable users get the latest software and content on their phone with ease. Continue reading “Nokia Ovi Store – A virtual store that lets you store, share and access content”

Nokia N97 Touchscreen you won’t need a keypad !

The Nokia N97 is the second phone to run on the S60th Edition OS. Its also the 2nd phone from Nokia to run on this platform. The phone has both a onscreen input and physical keypad .Do you think the phone has a keypad looking at the below pic ? What is the feature that makes the phone special ? Do you remember that song from Race featuring Katrina .. Zara Zara ..

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