Sony opens PlayStation Mobile for HTC devices

PlayStation mobile is a cross-platform gaming service which was previously accessible only by  certified devices like the PS Vita and the various Android powered Xperia devices and tablets. Now Sony is opening their service to devices by other manufacturers and their website states they will be supporting a few of the HTC devices.

PlayStation Mobile is currently not available in all the countries. The service also consists of some exclusive games by Sony and makes it easier to play between cross platform devices. It is great news as Sony is expanding the devices it supports for their service.

List of the HTC devices which will support the PlayStation Mobile service are given below:

  • HTC One S*
  • HTC One V*
  • HTC One X*

They have included an asterisk with the names of these HTC devices which means that more details about the support for these devices will be announced later.

Source: PSN Stores