Amazfit ‘Zepp Aura’ AI-powered wellness service is coming to India

Amazfit is set to unveil Zepp Aura, a new rest and wellness service with AI support, in India. The service is expected to work with all major Amazfit smartwatch models.

This announcement came after Mr. CP Khandelwal, CEO of PR Innovation and Amazfit’s brand custodian in India, hinted at the launch on X (formerly Twitter).

Zepp Aura

Zepp Aura offers personalized health solutions in real-time, including scientifically designed music, daily tips, and more.

It seamlessly connects with Amazfit smartwatches, adapting to the user’s needs by analyzing data like heart rate, body temperature, and blood oxygen levels. This allows it to generate therapeutic soundscapes for relaxation and restoration.

Amazfit has a history of prioritizing both mental and physical wellness, evident in its range of smartwatches, and this aligns with the introduction of Zepp Aura, which is expected to reinforce the company’s commitment to wellness in the Indian market.

Additionally, the Amazfit Balance smartwatch recently received an update to Zepp OS 3.5, which includes an AI-powered natural language interface. This update enables comprehensive training programs for marathons and provides detailed overnight heart rate variability data.

Launch date and pricing

While the exact launch date for Zepp Aura in India is not yet announced, it’s anticipated to be a subscription-based service.

Pricing details are expected to be revealed closer to the launch, with a comparable cost to the USD 29.97 (Rs. 2,500 approx.) for a three-month subscription in the U.S.