iPhone 15 Pro could cost nearly $300 more than iPhone 15

Apple is gearing up to reveal the iPhone 15, along with updated watches and AirPods, this week. This move is aimed at encouraging users to opt for higher-priced models, which could boost the company’s revenue, as discussed by tech expert Mark Gurman in his recent Bloomberg report.

Apple’s Successful Transition to High-End iPhones

As observed by Mark Gurman, Apple successfully navigated a strategic shift towards premium iPhones around 2016, when sales began to level off at approximately 200-220 million units per year.

The company introduced the $999 iPhone X in 2017, succeeded by the $1,449 iPhone XS Max in 2018, and now offers the iPhone 14 Pro Max with 1TB of storage for $1,599.

Despite the steady annual sales figures over seven years, this upscale strategy led to a significant revenue increase of about $70 billion. Apple also transitioned its focus from device unit sales to the revenue generated per product, further emphasizing the success of this approach.

Price hike in certain markets

Mark Gurman anticipates that the forthcoming iPhone 15 series will continue to drive Apple’s revenue growth. The premium iPhones are likely to see price hikes in certain markets due to the inclusion of high-end components such as titanium frames, advanced camera sensors, and expanded storage, providing compelling reasons for consumers to opt for these top-tier models.

Apple intends to set the iPhone 15 Pro models apart from the standard versions by offering superior battery life, faster USB-C data transfer, slimmer borders, enhanced screens, a customizable action button, and a quicker chip. These upgrades could justify the $200-$300 price difference between the regular and Pro models, particularly if presented as a minor monthly installment increase.

The flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max is set to feature a periscope lens, extending the optical zoom range from 3x to approximately 6x. This significant upgrade underscores Apple’s intensified focus on its premium strategy.

Apple to Focus on Expensive Accessories

In addition to the device enhancements, Apple is also promoting investment in high-end accessories. The new Apple Watches are slated for substantial performance upgrades, with the Ultra version boasting a titanium case, larger screen, and extended battery life. For USB-C charging support on AirPods, customers will be steered towards the more expensive model.

Launching the latest iPhones comes at a challenging time, with a slowdown in smartphone demand and concerns in China. Mark Gurman suggests that Apple’s feature-packed and higher-priced iPhone lineup aims to help the company navigate these challenges successfully.