BestBuy launching Droid 3 on July 14th?

Recently Motorola launched Motorola Milestone 3 in China via China Telecom which is actually successor to Milestone 2 which is known as Droid 2 in USA. Droid 2 was launched before Milestone 2 but this time, Milestone 3 is launched first but that doesn’t mean there will be no Droid 3. Droid 3 is around the corner and it will hit Verizon Wireless soon, as Droid Attic is claiming that it will be hitting Best Buy on July 14th. We recently told you that Verizon will be launching it on July 7 so maybe it will hit stores on July 14th and probably Best Buy will be carrying it exclusively.

Droid 3 comes with a dual-core OMAP 4430 processor, an 8 megapixel camera capable of video recording at 1080p, and it’s running on the latest version of Android. Droid 3 will feature some pre-loaded Verizon apps just like other Droid phones. So who’s looking forward to Motorola Droid 3, anyone?