Is this the successor to Motorola XOOM?

Motorola XOOM is known as the first ever Honeycomb tablet as well as it’s also Motorola’s first ever Android tablet. Recently a promo video was posted by Verizon Wireless on YouTube and after few hours, they made the video private but now it’s open for everyone again. So what’s so private in this video? Actually, Verizon is marketing their 4G LTE for tablet and there is also a never seen before tablet in this ad. First I thought it’s just a mock-up tablet but now Android Central is confirming that its might be the Motorola XOOM 4G or call it successor to XOOM. So is XOOM 4G any better than XOOM? Android Central is saying that it will come with some new features. Unlike XOOM, it will come with built-in 4G LTE and it will be slim and lighter just like Galaxy Tab 10.1 because this is the trend these days. Also expect a microSD card and some other minor tweaks.

Verizon said on launch of XOOM that it will be upgraded to 4G LTE this year and still no sign of it, but words are on the street that Motorola is working on it, so you can expect it in future. Anyway people, what do you think about this mysterious tablet, is this really Motorola XOOM 4G or just a mock-up? I am confused because Verizon posted this video itself on YouTube, so this is really confusing me that this might be a mock-up. May be this is not the Motorola XOOM 4G Android Central is telling us about and the one they are talking about is still behind the curtains. Well, check out the video after the break and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us.