Microsoft now supports Windows 11 on Apple M1 and M2 Macs through Parallels

Microsoft has announced that Parallels Desktop version 18 is licensed to run Arm-based versions of Windows 11 Pro and Windows 11 Enterprise on Apple M1 and M2 computers. However, it does not support all Windows 11 features.

Alludo & Microsoft Join Forces

Alludo, a global technology company, has announced an authorization from Microsoft allowing customers to use Arm versions of Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise installed in a virtual machine with Parallels Desktop for Mac on Mac with Apple Silicon.

Parallels Desktop for Windows 11 on Mac

IT administrators can now manage and provide support for Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise users running on Macs powered by M-series chips using Parallels Desktop.

Parallels Desktop for Mac has been optimized for the latest Mac line-up, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Studio. With just one click, users can download, install and configure Windows 11. The virtual TPM chip, coupled with the strong security capabilities designed into Apple Silicon and Secure Boot, provides a secure environment for customers.

Windows 11 and Parallels Desktop version 18 is an authorized solution for running Windows 11 Pro and Windows 11 Enterprise on Apple M1 and M2 computers. However, due to its Arm version, there may be limitations on hardware, games, and apps that rely on DirectX 12 or OpenGL3.3 or greater.

Experiences that rely on layered virtualization, a further layer of virtualization, are not supported as follows:
  • Windows Subsystem for Android, which allows your device to run Android apps from the Amazon Appstore
  • Windows Subsystem for Linux, which provides a GNU/Linux environment
  • Windows Sandbox, a secure environment to run applications in isolation
  • Virtualization-based Security (VBS), enables customers to create and isolate a secure region of memory.
  • DirectX 12, a suite of multimedia technologies used in Windows games and other apps, is not supported.
  • 32-bit Arm apps from the Store on Windows are not supported on Mac computers with M1 and M2 chips.

However, Mac M1 and M2 computers can also use apps in x64 or x86 emulation.

Pricing and availability

Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac offers a seamless experience on Mac with Intel and Apple M-series chips, and is available in Standard, Pro, and Business editions.

  • Parallels Desktop Standard Edition – priced at US$99.99 (Rs. 8,274 approx.).
  • Parallels Desktop Pro Edition – priced at US$119.99 (Rs. 9,929 approx.).
  • Parallels Desktop Business Edition – priced at US$149.99 (Rs. 12,412 approx.).

You can get it at or from authorized resellers worldwide. Subscribers get access to both Parallels Access and Parallels Toolbox for Mac and Windows.

Speaking on the announcement, Prashant Ketkar, Chief Technology and Product Officer at Alludo, said,

At Alludo, we believe that all employees should have the freedom and flexibility to choose where, when, and how they do their best work. Therefore, the vision for our Parallels portfolio has been to allow users to access their applications on any device, anywhere

In line with our vision, we are excited to see that, in collaboration with Microsoft, Arm versions of Windows can run in a virtualized environment on Parallels Desktop on the latest Mac systems running Apple’s powerful M-series chips.