Promate makes its Indian debut in mobile accessories market

Taiwan’s Promate Technologies, a company known for its lifestyle mobile accessories, has entered the Indian market. They have a wide range of over 1000 products and are present in over 150 countries. Promate plans to gradually introduce 300 products in categories such as smartwatches, TWS, power banks, and chargers to solidify their presence in India.

Promate is a global brand that has sold over 90 million units worldwide. The company intends to capture a significant portion of the Indian market by building strong relationships with top retail outlets and employing an omnichannel strategy to expand its distribution network. Promate was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 2001 by leaders from Asus, Foxconn, and Pegatron.

Promate aims to offer high-quality, technologically advanced products to its target audience, including tech-savvy young people and enthusiasts. They cater to the diverse needs of different groups, including travelers, tech enthusiasts, and fitness enthusiasts.

Powerbanks and chargers for mobile devices are soon to be launched

This month, Promate will release power banks and chargers for mobile devices, followed by smartwatches in March. These products will be in the mid to high-end price range. With over 18 years of retail experience and 1000 award-winning products, Promate distinguishes itself with a focus on innovation and keeping up with the latest technology to cater to different customer needs.

Speaking on the announcement, Gopal Jeyaraj, Country Head, Promate Technologies, India, elaborated on the plans for the Indian markets, said,

We are thrilled to be entering one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, India. Technology moves fast in India with strong consuming strength. At Promate, we create products that keep up with the customer’s dynamic needs & lifestyle.

Be it our GaN Chargers required for high capacity charging or our Smartwatches equipped with top quality chipsets and sensors for health tracking, we are committed to innovation & continue to offer the best gadget experience with several new & certified products.

Our flagship products will be among the most distinctive offerings, establishing us as the new face of affordable luxury in India. We’re developing a lot of patented technology for India that will cater to the local market and improve the user experience.