WhatsApp is working on Chat transfer, Block shortcut, new Camera mode and more

WhatsApp Voice Notes

WhatsApp, owned by Meta, has recently introduced support for proxies on both Android and iOS devices. Now, the company is focusing on developing new features such as chat transfer, a block shortcut, and a new camera mode for a future update of the app, according to WABeta Info site.

Chat transfer

WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow users to transfer their chat history to a new Android phone without having to use Google Drive. This new feature will enable users to move their chat history securely and privately to a new device. This feature is currently under development and is expected to be released in a future update of the app.

Block shortcut

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will allow users to quickly block contacts. According to a screenshot, the feature will be accessible within notifications but will only be visible when a message is received from unknown or untrusted contacts. This limitation is in place to prevent accidental blocking of trusted contacts when replying to notifications.

New Camera mode

WhatsApp is planning to introduce a new camera mode that will allow users to switch between camera and video mode with just a tap. Currently, users need to tap and hold to record a video, which can be cumbersome when trying to record longer videos.

With the new camera mode, it will be more convenient to capture videos. This feature is expected to be included in a future update of the app and is seen as a positive development for WhatsApp users, making it simpler and easier to record videos.

The new features discussed above, such as chat transfer, block shortcut, and a new camera mode, are currently under development and are expected to be released in a future update of the WhatsApp app. It’s worth noting that WhatsApp has already released new features in its beta version, such as Picture-in-picture on iOS, screenshot protection for view-once messages on Android, and more.

The release date for these new features is not confirmed yet and will be announced via beta updates. These new features are currently being tested and developed, and will be made available to general users once they are deemed stable and ready for release.

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