LG introduces ‘Breeze’ smart sleep care solution

At CES 2023, LG Electronics will show off Breeze, a smart sleep care solution made by CIC, an in-house independent company. LG also unveiled the SC9 and SE6 Dolby Atmos sound bar line-ups for 2023.

Breeze is a new model that was developed by SleepWave Company and launched by LG Electronics’ CIC (Company in Company) to help grow new businesses and open up new markets.

Smart Sleep Care Solution Breeze (brid.zzz)

Breeze endorses sleep, so consumers can sleep easily, evaluates and controls their sleep condition in real time, and assists them in falling asleep. Breeze has the moral value of “letting customers have a refreshing morning like a breeze”.

Real-time customer sleep care through self-researched and developed EEG sound

Breeze is a wireless earphone that detects brain waves and plays sleep sounds, as well as an app that analyses sleep data and gives sleep care options.

The wireless ear set’s ergonomic design ensures a solid and pleasant fit, even when sleeping. With a weight of 6 g (on one side), it’s easy to wear for long periods of time.

  • The earphone case has UV nanotechnology to keep it clean and maintainable. UVnano combines “UV” (ultraviolet ray) LED, which eliminates dangerous germs, with “nanometer,” a unit of ultraviolet light wavelength.
  • Breeze helps clients sleep using “brain wave-tuned sound,” “lullabies,” and “ASMR” (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) like nature sounds.
    Breeze has about 80 built-in sounds and can sync with music or YouTube videos.
  • In brain wave-synchronized sound, distinct frequencies are heard in the left and right brains to create sleep-promoting brain waves. Deep-sleep brain waves are 0.5–3 Hz.
  • Listening to 100 Hz in the left ear and 98 Hz or 102 Hz in the right induces 2 Hz brain waves, which induce deep sleep.

Breeze has sounds that are timed to your EEG, like Static Binaural Beat, which repeats a set frequency, and Dynamic Binaural Beat from LG Electronics. Dynamic binaural beats have a changing frequency. Breeze analyses customers’ brain waves using unique technology and plays the ideal frequency for sleep.

Analyze sleep patterns, self-learn, and provide personalized sleep care solutions

Breeze analyses sleep data and recommends improved routines. It also enhances sleep quality by using appropriate sleep schedules.

Breeze is EEG-enabled. By monitoring the customer’s brain waves in real time, the “hypnosis phase,” a state of consciousness shortly before falling asleep, and the “REM (rapid eye movement) sleep,” corresponding to the sleep phase, “light sleep,” “deep sleep,” and “during sleep,” may be determined. It precisely measures sleep stages, like waking up.

  • Breeze records sleep and wake times, sleeping posture, and tossing. It also tracks daily steps taken on a smartphone with the app installed.
  • Breeze captures sleep patterns and living environment information to deliver individualized sleep care solutions.
LG Labs Zone

At CES 2023, LG Electronics will have an “LG Labs Zone” to showcase experimental and new products and services.

In addition, LG will debut the “Hover Gym,” a novel concept exercise machine that employs world-class motor and control technology to help you workout various muscles at home; the “Excicle,” which simulates the experience of riding a real bicycle indoors; and so on.