Samsung Galaxy S II USA Variants Revealed

Samsung has already released their flagship Galaxy S II in most of Europe and Asia. but it has yet to hit the North American market. The picture above shows a leak stating the three variants of the Galaxy S II in USA.

The names of the different USA variants of the Galaxy S II have been leaked from an accessory site. The three variants of the Galaxy S II are:

  • Samsung S2 (SII) Attain on AT&T
  • Samsung S2 (SII) Function on Verizon
  • Samsung S2 (SII) Within  on Sprint

The site says that the particular gel case will fit all the three devices which means that they might not be having different designs like in the case of the original Galaxy S variants. but instead maybe just minor changes compared to each other and the original Galaxy S II.

There is no mention of the T-Mobile version. This maybe because it might be getting a different device and hence the case wont fit it. Or maybe it isn’t coming to T-Mobile or might be releasing later.

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Author: Sandeep Sarma

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