Samsung Self-Repair program by iFixit now available starting from the US

To implement their self-repair service, Samsung is teaming up with iFixit, the leading online repair community. This programme adds to Samsung’s ongoing consumer-friendly repair expansions and reaffirms the company’s dedication to providing consumers with sustainable solutions that will enable them to support a more circular economy by prolonging the lives of their devices.

Genuine Samsung components are now available on iFixit for the Galaxy Tab S7+, Galaxy S20, and Galaxy S21 series. Replacement screens, rear glass, and charging ports are now available on as separate parts or in Fix Kits that include all the parts and equipment needed to repair your compatible Galaxy device. Additionally, the programme makes it simple for customers to send back their used components for ethical recycling because the new display kits will include a return label to send used parts back to Samsung – at no cost to the customer.

In addition to this, Customer-First Care Options are also offered by Samsung.

  • In-person, Same Day Service: More than 80% of the population of the United States is served on the same day. Access over 2,000 locations for mobile product repair, with a two-hour or shorter turnaround time on average.
  • We Come To You Service: Samsung also has over 550 ‘We Come To You’ vans offering in-person service within a 30–60 minute drive.
  • Mail-In Service: Samsung offers nationwide coverage across all 50 states for all mobile customers who use our mail-in method.
  • Independent Service Providers (ISP): Samsung’s ISP network offers same-day service, WISE-certified facilities, qualified technicians, genuine components, and out-of-warranty services.


The Samsung Galaxy genuine parts are currently only offered in the US starting August 2nd. “We’re trying to expand our product line and add more complete components,” says iFixit. Furthermore, the same parts, including the prices provided to our affiliated repair providers, apply to the genuine device parts and practical, simple-to-use repair tools offered through iFixit and Samsung retail and service locations in the US regions.

Commenting on the launch, Mark Williams, Vice President of Customer Care at Samsung Electronics America, said,

Samsung is continually offering more convenient options for consumers to extend the use of their devices, promote a circular economy, and minimize e-waste. Samsung Self-Repair is another way for customers to prolong the life of their devices, before they are recycled.

Speaking on the launch, Kyle Wiens, Co-founder and CEO of iFixit, said,

Making replacement parts available is a key sustainability strategy. We’re excited to be working directly with Samsung and their customers to extend the lifetime of their phones.