HTC: Flyer will receive Honeycomb shortly after launch

HTC Flyer was announced by HTC at the MWC which is their first ever Android powered tablet and is currently running on Android 2.3.3, which is a big drawback. As Honeycomb tablets are available in the market, people are choosing them over Froyo powered tablets i.e. Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Flyer etc. But if you are looking forward to buy a new tablet and you are a big fan of HTC but you are not buying the Flyer because of Honeycomb, then stop thinking it because HTC has officially announced via Twitter that HTC Flyer will receive Android 3.0 Honeycomb update shortly after the launch. The tablet is officially launching on May 9th in UK so what I think is that HTC is already working on Honeycomb and I am pretty sure that they will launch it during the last days of May or maybe in first week of June.

HTC Flyer is overall an amazing tablet, and we showed you a video a few days ago in which we saw that it’s a completely different tablet as compared to others. Features like HTC Scribe and HTC Sense UI is playing a leading role to make it different from other tablets. Now there is only one question that is Honeycomb on Flyer will be a stock version or it will be powered by HTC Sense UI? I hope HTC will clear it soon.

Well, I think this news will make all the HTC fans happy. So now who’s buying the HTC Flyer next month?