Arcanium: Rise of Akhan open-world strategy adventure card game released for Netflix subscribers

Netflix released five mobile games exclusively for Netflix subscribers in November last year, and it keeps adding new games. Today it has added Arcanium: Rise of Akhan, an open-world strategy adventure card game developed by Rogue Games. This marks Rogue’s third release on the platform after Card Blast and Wonderputt Forever.

The single-player game blends the best of popular rogue-like and deck-building genres into one package. Players will trek across a fully 3D procedural map where they make strategic choices that alter the experience in various ways. Hostile environments, evolving tiles, and dangerous creatures await them in this anthropomorphic turn-based battle epic.

Arcanium: Rise of Akhan is downloadable within the Netflix app on Android, iPhone and iPad with no ads and no in-app purchases and included with Netflix membership.

  • Open-world & Hero progression – Explore a vast continent broken down into several Provinces each with a unique feel and a different set of challenges. Playing Heroes will level them up between Runs and progressively unlock their full sets of ability cards.
  • Non-linear & procedural acts – Players are in total control of their own Journey. Roam freely inside full-3D procedural maps, but keep an eye on the Threat meter… The longer players stay in a Province, the harder the enemies get.
  • Unique turn-based combat system – Players must choose their abilities wisely during every turn, coordinating all three heroes in their team. The innovative combat system is easy to learn while offering tremendous strategic depth.
  • Many heroes to unlock – Unique heroes with varying mechanics and themes will keep players brainstorming for new compositions and combinations. Each has a unique starting deck of Ability cards that fits one of 6 classes.
  • RPG-like looting system – Find powerful Artifacts, gain new Ability cards, learn cross-character Abilities, and discover consumable items throughout the journey. Players can edit their Heroes’ Ability decks and Equipment rosters at any time outside of combat.

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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