Clubhouse gets Replays, Download audio for creators, total attendee count

Clubhouse has finally added a Replay option that lets users replay the entire experience of a live Clubhouse room including Leave Quietly, PTRs, mic taps and more. This is an optional feature that lets creators choose to toggle on or off for any public room.

  • Pinned Links remain fully interactive, so they update throughout the course of the room, allowing creators to share relevant content and realize value long after the room has ended.
  • You can skip to the next speaker. This lets you tap through to your favorite people and focus the room on the parts that matter most to you. You can also pause, play, scrub, clip and listen at 1.5x or 2x.
  • Creator can see the people in the room, share that experience with them, and connect with them — even if they listened after the fact.
  • You can hide yourself from the audience by tapping the “…”.
  • Room creators will have the ability to download the audio, so they can edit it and use it wherever they want, such as podcast.
  • Replays are discoverable within Clubhouse — from club pages, speakers’ profiles (unless they choose to hide it), search (starting next week), and more.

Room creators will now be able to see (and share) cumulative counts of all the people who came through a room. Replays are now live on both iOS and Android.

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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