Vodafone Offers 85% Discount on International Roaming

Voila..! You must be really shocked at least for a moment after reading “85% discount on International Roaming” right? Well, for the first time, even I was surprised and could not make my eyes believe the statement.


But its a fact that, Vodafone is offering 85% of discount for roaming in South Africa. This aggressive move is taken by India’s major private telecom player – Vodafone keeping in mind the ongoing IPL 2009. After the 85% reduction, roaming incoming would cost Rs. 12.5 per minute and the outgoing calls to local and ISD (out of SA) numbers would be Rs. 12.6 and 34.8 per minute respectively.

So if you are planning to head over to South Africa to enjoy the ongoing IPL season and worried about the high  International roaming charges which might burn a hole in your pocket, then this news would be a relief to you. 😉

Source: Business Standard.

Author: Deepak

As Deepak says - he is a die hard mobile freak and can hardly keep himself away from his mobiles. His passion for mobiles led him to an interview at India's popular news channel. He also blogs at www.mobilegyaan.com