Samsung Chat 322 Review

In the market for a dual SIM device ? Want decent social networking abilities as well ? And what if you want both on a budget ? Read on for FoneArena’s review of the Samsung Chat 322 (Ch@t 322) which should satisfy all your requirements and maybe a bit more !
Samsung makes a lot of high end devices, ranging from the Samsung Galaxy S / SL series , the Galaxy Tab family and the upcoming Galaxy SII superphone. The expertise of making quality high end hardware has definitely trickled down and the Chat is a really good looking phone for its price range. The chrome strip around the body makes it look upmarket and the optical trackpad is a good inclusion. The back of the phone looks very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S. What this means is that though the shiny plastic looks nice but it is extremely prone to scratches and as such must be handled with care.

On the left we have a volume rocker which gives good feedback in the hand and is easy to use even when not looking at the phone. On the right hand side of the phone we have Samsung’s usual screen switch off button. The centrally located optical trackpad is well calibrated and works as expected. It is smooth and there were no problems with navigating the menu with the trackpad. The four shortcut keys around the trackpad are definitely welcome and were easy to press and initiate the respective functions. The same however cannot be said for the keyboard. The keys are hard and it is a bit of an effort to actually type on the keyboard. Coming from the rather excellent keyboard on the E72 , this takes some getting used to. The screen is average and is 2.2″ in size.
The Operating System on the Samsung Chat is java based and the homescreen UI looks derived from that of Nokia S40 devices. A scrollable row of icons are available as shortcuts for various functions and social clients. Facebook , Twitter , MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger all are accessible directly from the homescreen which makes it easy to stay in touch with your friends. The phone is fast and straightforward to use which makes it ideal for those looking for a second device or for whom the primary usage is communication.
The Samsung Chat has dual SIM card slots which allows you to use two SIM cards simultaneously. Certain variants also come with WiFi onboard.  Connectivity options include GPRS and EDGE. Browsing on the inbuilt browser was average at best. It would be advisable to install Opera Mini to enjoy a better browsing experience.
The phone comes with a wide variety of applications bundled in and it is also possible to install java based applications. A memory card slot is present to play your music collection on the phone. The media player supports mp3 audio and H.264 video files. It is really not recommended to view a lot of videos on such a small screen.
The Samsung Chat comes with a 1.3MP camera which takes above average photos in bright sunlight. Low light photography is a definite no-go. The battery life was a bit disappointing even though it is rated for 11 hours of talktime , we were not able to get more than 3-4 hours during our testing.
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Conclusion :

The Samsung Chat is definitely recommended for everyone looking for a no-frills dual SIM handset with above average looks. The Chat delivers what it promises and is adept at handling the basics of social networking. For Rs. 5,500 it does not get much better.
Pros :
  • Good build quality
  • Fast interface
  • Dual SIM
  • Poor keyboard
  • Average battery life

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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