Nokia Clarity, Comfort, Micro and Go series TWS earbuds and Solo Bud range announced

Nokia has introduced a whole new range of truly wireless earbuds, including 2 new Clarity series earbuds, 3 new Comfort series earbuds, 2 new Micro series earbuds, 4 new Solo-series earbuds, along with the Nokia Wired Buds.

Starting with the Nokia Clarity Earbuds, they feature large 10mm neodymium drivers, Bluetooth 5.2, IPX5 rating, Dual microphones with Qualcomm cVc environmental noise cancellation (ENC) technology, and a unique light ring that functions as an indicator when on call.

The Nokia Clarity Earbuds Pro come with added active noise cancellation (ANC) along with Ambient mode support. With ANC off, total battery life is rated for up to 45 hours of playtime, and with 9 hours of playtime from the buds, and with ANC ON, the Clarity Earbuds Pro can last 7 hours on single charge, with an additional 28 hours with the charging case.

The Comfort range of earbuds also feature 10mm drivers, Bluetooth 5 and IPX5 rating, with a more ergonomic design and unique comfort ring that softens in the for a more secure and comfortable fit. The Nokia Comfort Earbuds+  come with the added benefit of supporting wireless charging, while the Nokia Comfort Earbuds Pro feature low latency technology, ENC and ANC technology.

Battery life for the Nokia Comfort Earbuds+ and Nokia Comfort Earbuds are rated for 9.5 hours on a single charge and total of 29 hours with the charging case. The Nokia Comfort Earbuds Pro will last 7 hours with ANC on, and a total of 21 hours with the charging case.

The Micro buds series features a unique charge-through technology allows earbuds in this range to be miniaturised whilst still holding over 9 hours of battery life from a single charge. The charging case extends the battery life to a total of 28 hours, and other features include 6mm drivers, IPX5 rating and automatic switching between using one or both earbuds for phone calls.

The Nokia Go Earbuds+ have 13mm drivers that offer powerful bass performance, enclosed within a body that has a slim and comfortable fit. They are IPX4 rated, and on a single charge the Go Earbuds+ will last 6.5 hours, with the charging case offering a total battery life of 26 hours.

In the Solo headset, there are 4 models that are designed for professionals on the move, namely the Nokia Solo Bud, Nokia Solo Bud+, the Nokia Clarity Solo Bud and the Nokia Clarity Solo Bud+. The Solo Bud has a soft rubber fin for a secure, comfortable fit, and it offers 6.5 hours of talk-time. The Solo Buds+ come with the added benefit of IPX4 rating for sweat and splash resistance.

The Clarity Solo Bud and Clarity Solo Bud+ feature dual-mic noise reduction with Qualcomm cVc technology, along with Elevoc AI that can elevate the user’s voice frequencies. Battery life is rated at 6 hours of talk time, and the Clarity Solo Bud+ also features an IPX4 rating.

Lastly, the Nokia Wired earbuds have 10 mm drivers enclosed in an ergonomic form factor with angled acoustic tubes for a comfortable and secure fit, along with an in-line mic for clear voice calling.

Pricing and availability

  • Nokia Go Earbuds+ (TWS-201) – $34 (Approx. Rs. 2,532), available from late August.
  • Nokia Micro Earbuds (TWS-311) – $64 (Approx. Rs. 4,766), available from September
  • Nokia Micro Earbuds Pro (TWS-521) – $69 (Approx. Rs. 5,138), available from September
  • Nokia Comfort Earbuds (TWS-411) – $54 (Approx. Rs. 4,021), available from late August
  • Nokia Comfort Earbuds+ (TWS-411W) -$59 (Approx. Rs. 4,393), available from late August.
  • Nokia Comfort Earbuds Pro (TWS-631W) – $99 (Approx. Rs. 7,372), available from September.
  • Nokia Clarity Earbuds (TWS-821W) – $89 (Approx. Rs. 6,627), available from September.
  • Nokia Clarity Earbuds Pro (TWS-841W) – $99 (Approx. Rs. 7,372), available from September.
  • Nokia Solo Bud (SB-101) – $29 (Approx. Rs. 2,159), available from late August.
  • Nokia Solo Bud+ (SB-201) – $39 (Approx. Rs. 2,904), available from late August.
  • Nokia Clarity Solo Bud (SB-401) – $59 (Approx. Rs. 4,393), available from late August.
  • Nokia Clarity Solo Bud+ (SB-501) – $59 (Approx. Rs. 4,393), available from July.
  • Nokia Wired Buds (WB-101) – $6 (Approx. Rs. 446), available from August.