CBSE partners with Facebook to launch AR and Digital Safety training programs for teachers and students

CBSE, in partnership with Facebook India, is launching a new program that offers Augmented Reality (AR) training for teachers along with training in Digital Safety and Online Well-Being for students. As India pushes towards a digital and technologically advanced future, these two programs will help educate and enable digital empowerment for both teachers and students.

AR has become quite popular in recent times, as it’s demand in many industries have increased, making it important training skill for teachers. Digital Safety and Online being has also become paramount as the younger population is exposed to online bullying, misinformation and fake news on the internet.

The first phase of the program will be offered to 10,000 students and teachers. If the program is successful, CBSE will offer the program to 30,000 applicants in a second phase. To sign up, applicants will require:

  • Access to a computer system/ laptop with Windows 10 and above installed.
  • Facebook developer account
  • Access to smartphone.
  • Access to internet.

Registration dates are from July 6th to July 20th, 2020. Those interested in signing up for the program, click here.