Nokia Bubbles – cool way to unlock your phone

Nokia Bubbles is a new app from Nokia BetaLabs which lets you unlock your phone in a totally different way. When your phone is locked , you press the menu button and you see bubbles floating on the screen that let you do various things with it like responding to missed calls or viewing new messages . Watch the video below to get an idea how it works !

You can use the bubbles for the following actions

  • Unlock the phone
  • View new messages
  • View/Respond to missed calls
  • Control the music player
  • Control the FM radio
  • Change profile (profile timing also supported)
  • Call/Message your three best friends
  • Activate the backlight to use as a flashlight
  • Show your current location using Ovi Maps
  • Change the background of the Bubbles screen
  • Display when battery needs charging
  • Display statistics about bubble speed and distance (just for fun)

Read | Download from Nokia Beta Labs

Author: Varun Krish

Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005. His current phones include the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge , Apple iPhone 6S Plus & Nexus 5X. You can follow him on Twitter @varunkrish and on Google+ You can also mail Varun Krish