Security Issues Hovers Over 3G Services

3g Its really sad to know that, after the launch of 3G services with lots of hardships, they are now being convicted to create some security issues for the nation. As of now, there are no ways to monitor 3G calls on real time basis and the Intelligence Bureau is concerned about how secure they are (3G services) for the nation.

Reportedly, its been said that, the Intelligence Bueareu of the country wants to halt 3G services in the country until such real time monitoring mechanism is implemented, whereas telecom companies are of the view that, such monitoring mechanism should be implemented by the security agencies of the country as they are concerned about such security issues.

Well, as of now, there are no such official notice about pausing the services but its for sure that 3G will be a hot point of debate in the days to come.. Hope everything goes well! 🙂

Author: Deepak

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