Motorola One, One Power, Moto G7 and G7 Power get a price cut in India

Motorola launched the OnePower Android One smartphone last year in India for Rs. 15,999 and earlier this year, Moto G7 was launched for Rs. 16,999, G7 Power for Rs. 13,999 and Motorola One smartphone for Rs. 13,999 as well. Today, the company has slashed prices of these smartphones by up to Rs. 3000 and are available to buy at the new prices.

Moto G7 has got a Rs. 2000 price cut and now it is available at Rs. 14,999. The G7 Power has got a Rs.1000 price cut and now it is available at Rs. 12,999, against its original price of Rs. 13,999. Motorola has also slashed prices on the OnePower and One smartphone. Motorola One has got a Rs. 1000 price cut and it is available at Rs. 12,999. The One Power was launched at Rs. 15,999 and it got a price cut recently and now, it is available for Rs. 12,999.

The revised prices for the G7 Power, Motorola One and Motorola One Power are live on Flipkart and is expected to be revised soon for G7 as well. These smartphones will be available at new prices in offline stores too.

Smartphone Old Price New Price Price cut
Moto G7 Rs. 16,999 Rs. 14,999 Rs. 2000
Moto G7 Power Rs. 13,999 Rs. 12,999 Rs. 1000
Motorola One Rs. 13,999 Rs. 12,999 Rs. 1000
Motorola One Power Rs. 15,999 Rs. 12,999 Rs. 3000

The company is gearing up to launch the Motorola One Vision smartphone in India next week.


Author: Manoj Nagendra

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