Motorola confirms it won’t launch anymore Moto Z-series phones in 2018

Moto Z3

Motorola introduced the Moto Z3 phone with 5G Moto Mod earlier this week, few months after it introduced the Moto Z3 Play. However, the Z-series phone never really gained the attention and sale figures the company wanted, and with that in mind, the company on Twitter confirmed that it wouldn’t be launching anymore Moto Z-series phones in 2018. 

Though this doesn’t come as any surprise, it sure is a bold move from Motorola. The first-gen Moto Z phone has three models; the standard Z, the Z Play, and the Z Force. Ever since Motorola has been following the same pattern. But in response to a fan query which asked if Motorola would bring out the Moto Z3 Force, the company outright dismissed it by saying: “We will not be launching any more moto z phones this year.”

There are still some unanswered questions like if Motorola would continue to use the Moto Mod ecosystem now that its promised three years are up and the future of the Z-series. Let’s wait to see where Motorola is aiming to go from this point.