Vodafone India teams up with Nokia to deploy cloud packet core in Bengaluru to meet mobile network data demand


Vodafone India today has announced that it has deployed Nokia’s field-proven cloud packet core to cost-effectively provide faster mobile broadband and enhance the scale and agility of its network to ensure the timely launch of new services. The technology leverages all the benefits of a cloud packet core architecture for maximizing resource utilization and rapidly deploying services when needed.

The Cloud Pocket core which is Nokia CloudBand software will now reach out the data demands to about 7.8 million subscribers in Bengaluru. This new deployment falls in line with Vodafone’s competitive operations, substantially accelerating time-to-market for differentiated services and expanding business productivity.

With mobile data growth in India is taking a substantial turn, a cloud packet core is essential for service providers like Vodafone India to connect to a higher number and variety of devices and to deliver a wider range of services across different access technologies. It will also allow Vodafone India to introduce a range of digital services for consumers and enterprise customers. By deploying the CMG closer to the edge, customer content can be downloaded locally, with reduced network latency. 

Vishant Vora, Director Technology, Vodafone India, said:

We are thrilled to partner with Nokia and are certain this technology will enable us to scale faster by improving business productivity and network operations. Collaborating with Nokia will also support us in providing a more reliable and superior network experience to our customers.  The introduction of a new architecture also enables us to reduce power consumption per customer, in our goal to contribute positively to society.

Samar Mittal, account director at Nokia India, said:

We are proud to help deliver Vodafone India’s vision of transitioning to a Cloud Packet Core to better handle mobile broadband growth. Our technology also enables Vodafone to deliver the best-in-class mobile broadband experience to the customer and lives upto our joint social responsibility to reduce carbon emissions.