T-Mobile UK now taking pre-order for HTC Desire HD!

HTC Desire HD is the dream of every Android lover in Europe and Asian region. HTC Desire HD is a successor to the HTC Desire and currently known as the one of the most anticipated devices. Vodafone UK is already taking the pre-orders for the Desire HD, and now T-Mobile UK has also joined the bandwagon. Just like Vodafone, T-mobile is also offering the HTC Desire HD for free on selected plans, which is starting from minimum £40/month with a 2-yr contract. Which means if you get the phone for free on minimum price which is £40, then you are going to pay a total of £960 (£40×24) in 2 years, which is a lot of money, but if you don’t want it for free, then you can get the £10 plan, but then you have to pay £360 as a contract price . Check out some other plans at T-Mobile and do some maths, I hope you will easily get the one which will be light on your pocket.

via EuroDroid